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Embodying Self-Compassion to Let Go of Perfectionism

In this experiential talk or workshop, you'll dive into the transformational tools that self-compassion, mindfulness, and yoga can to work through perfectionism. Julianne can modify this offering to share with anybody who considers themselves an overachiever and or/other mental health professionals and healers who work with perfectionists.

Working with others stuck in loops driven by maladaptive perfectionism, Julianne believes that people can harness their desire to be their best selves in a realistic, kinder, and more sustainable way. Come prepared to open yourself up for what it means to embody true acceptance & self-compassion.

From Burnout to Balance: Learning to Value & Take Care of Yourself

Do you feel like you have to do it all? Are you stressed to the max and feel like you are constantly coming up short? In this day and age the “Superwoman” or “Superman” complex affects many leading to burnout, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and a lost sense of self.

Julianne is passionate about empowering women to put themselves first. Through her personal connection to this topic and professional expertise as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher, participants dig deeper to move through emotional blockages and learn practical ways to implement self-care daily. Recommended for those who may be driven to a fault, the ‘givers’, and those who are in need of a shift to make themselves a priority.


From Burnout to Balance: Learning to Value & Take Care of Yourself

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Young Women’s Preparatory Network, July 2018

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Young Women’s Leadership Academy- both Grand Prarie & Fort Worth locations January 2019

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From Burnout to Balance: Learning to Value & Take Care of Yourself

Circle Seven Five in collaboration with The Network Bar, Dallas TX October 2018

Embodying Self-Compassion & Letting Go of Perfectionism

Highly Sensitive Therapist Retreat at UC-Santa Cruz, July 2018

Media as a Toxic Mirror: Promoting Positive Self-Image in a Culture of Body Dissatisfaction

Dallas-Fort Worth Behavioral Symposium, Irving, TX, March 2018

Be Your Best You: Confidence Building Tips & Tricks

Young Women’s Leadership Preparatory, Grand Prarie TX, March 2018

Self-Compassion Workshop

The Mat Yoga Studio, Dallas, TX, September 2017

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Yoga Chikitsa Studio, Richardson, TX, June 2017

Practicing Self-Compassion

Yoga Chikitsa Studio, Richardson, TX, March 2017

Say Hello to Balance and Goodbye To Perfectionism

Southern Methodist University Tri Delta Chapter, Dallas, TX, January 2017

Managing Stress In and Out of the Workplace

Girls Inc. of Metropolitan of Dallas, January 2015

Enhancing Wellness & Preventing Burnout in the Helping Profession

Gulf Coast Counseling Association at South Padre Island, January 201