Find your voice, find compassion, and find your direction.

I'm so glad you landed here. I bet it's because you want something in your life to be different in some way.

It takes courage, yet is so wise, to reach out for support and an unbiased sounding board. 

The process of change can be overwhelming, but my hope is to empower you and help you realize you are so capable.

You are so worth it. YOU matter.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Keep scrolling.



Through talk and/or yoga therapy, I help older teens, 20 & 30-somethings believe that their needs matter, get clear on who they are, learn to accept & love themselves, and feel empowered to make changes they want in their life.

Enough of the constant anxiety about “getting it right”, always putting others first, worrying about what other’s think, questioning if you are “too much” or "note enough", listening to the “I should's” and unwarranted guilt.  

It's time to stop living your life people-pleasing, perfecting, and performing for others.

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University of Santa-Cruz "EmBODYing Self-Compassion to Let go of Perfectionism", July 2018.

Anytime I can present in yoga pants is fine by me. :)

Workshops & Speaking

I love inspiring change and helping groups by sharing my expertise, stories, and engaging ways of relating with others.

My favorite topics to present on:

*Body Image



*The Art & Science of Caring For Yourself: Slowing Down In A Busy World

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(+ Online Services)

Therapy-ish: I also love working with those that are goal-oriented, self-reflective, and who want to explore how they can up-level, and be their best selves.

We can approach our time together to be more solution-focused and action-oriented. We can discuss ideal number of sessions.

Online Services: I understand that traditional therapy in the office is not for everyone... and especially for those busy-bodies!

While not all online services are suited for everyone, we can schedule a 10 min. consultation call to see what would work best.

If this sounds like you,  contact me here to get the process started.


I love sharing emotional wellness tips with you!

The Everyday Therapy podcast discusses everyday topics related to overall emotional wellness. #liveyourbestlife

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