I'm glad you landed here. Maybe you’ve tried to change on your own and don’t know what to do next.

The truth is changing ingrained patterns of how you think & feel about yourself can be challenging.

We ALL need help at times though. I’d be honored to guide you on the path to being your best you.


TALK & YOGA Therapy

Have you had enough of overthinking, feeling burnt out, anxious, striving for perfection, always putting others first, needing others’ approval, doubting yourself, and/or being unhappy & unbalanced with school, work, or your relationships? Things can be different, if you are willing to take the first step.

I help you believe that your needs matter, get clear & confident in who you are, learn to be compassionate to yourself, navigate life transitions, improve your relationships, and feel empowered to make changes.

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I help others’ realize that their needs matter— in all aspects of life! Loved being able to be a guest speaker at Wework ‘s “Wellness in the Workplace”.

Workshops & Speaking

I hope to inspire change by sharing my expertise, stories, and engaging & authentic way of relating with others.

Some of my favorite topics to present on:

*From Burnout to Balance:

Learn to Value & Take Care of Yourself

*The Trap of Perfectionism

*Why Self-Compassion Matters

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(+ Online Services)

Therapy-ish: If you are goal-oriented, self-reflective, and want to explore how you can uplevel, I’m here to help! We can approach our time together to be more solution-focused and action-oriented.

Online Video Services: I understand traditional therapy in the office is not for everyone and especially for those on the go. Clients say they really love the convenience of this option!

While not all online services are suited for everyone, we can schedule a 10 min. consultation call to see what would work best.



I love sharing emotional wellness tips with you!

The Everyday Therapy podcast discusses everyday topics related to overall emotional wellness. #liveyourbestlife

Tune in to hear us therapists’ (and friends) chit-chat about how to create positive change with tips, stories, and inspiration for everyday therapy.

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