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EMBODIED WORKSHOP (Mindfulness + Body Image)

  • Lakewood Towers 6301 Gaston Ave P1 Confrence Room Dallas, Dallas, TX 75214 (map)

In this 3 hour, interactive workshop we will explore finding body freedom through mindfulness, compassion, self-care, and radical acceptance.   We will set intentions about how we feel, think, and speak to ourselves. We will use creativity to spark playfulness and healing, mindfulness to build attunement and acceptance, all while practicing self-compassion.

Leaving this workshop you will have:

  • Tools to support body compassion
  • Mindfulness practices to support awareness and acceptance
  • Increased awareness of body image + culture
  • Support and Resources on Body Image
  • Self-Care Goodies

This workshop provides you with 3 hours of hands-on experiential learning, tools, mindfulness practices, and opportunities to connect with other individuals on a similar path to body acceptance.  You will leave with handouts, increased awareness, and self-care goodie bags.  You will have time to ask questions from 2 women who not only have professional expertise on the topic, but who too  walk a path of embodied living. 

About Your Presenters

Angela Prior LCSW, RYT is passionate about sharing a message of radical self-acceptance and compassion.  She holds empathetic healing space for those moving away from perfectionism towards true belonging and healing.  Body Image can be a large part of what can keep us from showing up as truly us and finding belonging not just fitting in. She is excited to share compassionate mindful tools to begin healing one's relationship with self. 

Julianne Schroeder, LPC, NCC, RYT finds purpose and passion in helping others create mindful connection, compassion, and confidence through talk therapy, therapeutic yoga, speaking, and workshops. Body image can be a barrier to embodying true acceptance of oneself, and Julianne has a personal and professional investment in helping others cultivate a healthy relationship with their bodies. She brings a caring and playful approach to her work, and is excited to meet you!

Come spend your Saturday morning building your path towards embodied living!

Register Here    Investment: $99