There are many transitions in life: work, friendships, relationships, changing roles within family and/or creating a new family, figuring out where you want to live, possibly examining your spiritual identity...etc.

And ideally you are supposed to do this all the while trying to stay healthy and sane?!

You may find yourself comparing to everyone  and you may have many moments or mini-existential crises where you may ask yourself "What am I doing in life?!". You may feel like you don't have any of your shit together.

In therapy you can begin to verbalize your uncertainties, dreams and doubts, strengths and struggles, and work to create some clarity amidst the chaos. Through a mixture thoughtful processing of your concerns and structured activities,  I'll compassionately and creatively help you gain clarity and develop the moxie it takes to reach your goals.

If you are any of the below rings true for you, therapy might be for you!

  • You desire to be the best version of yourself.

  • You want to be in a career you are passionate about and/or create work life-balance, all the while making money that speaks to your value.

  • You want to end destructive habits (procrastination, people-pleasing, staying too long in unhealthy relationships, using substances, food and/or exercise in unhealthy ways, etc.)

  • You want to be able to have quality time devoted solely to you and Netflix just isn't cutting it.

  • You want to set a foundation for your future and not waste more time.

  • You want to improve your communication abilities and relationships of all (with friends, family, partners, and/or coworkers).

  • You find there is a gap in implementing what you "should" do versus actually taking action.

  • You want to minimize anxiety, stress, depression, and just be generally more content!