Why Self-Compassion Heals

I will always be an adamant advocate of self-compassion as it transforms the relationship you have with yourself, as well as the relationships you have with others. But today, I feel especially called to share why self-compassion matters and is a catalyst for healing.

Earlier I was privileged to say good-bye to a client of mine who has illustrated the remarkable healing power of self-compassion. Her past four years have been marked with a series of traumatic incidents and relationships that have rocked her to the core. Her details are not mine to share, but my client's experiences at one time kept her trapped in misguided thinking that she was defective and unworthy of respectful and loving relationships.

Today, however, as she was creating an artistic box filled with symbolic reminders of her journey of growth, she was able to say confidently that she has learned to not personalize others' cruel wrongdoings or stay in unhealthy relationships, and can confidently stand in her worth and potential. I admit that tears welled up as I listened to her insightful summary of her growth.

How did she come to this place? It was not an easy road by any means. However, self-compassion is what kept her moving along. She had a willingness and courage to face her pain and be mindful of triggers (one component of self-compassion), accompanied by learning to implement kinder thoughts and actions to herself (another aspect of self-compassion). The third pillar of self-compassion involved her understanding what connects us as humans---our vulnerabilities. She has an awareness of why she stayed in toxic relationships that hurt her, but she has removed any judgment from the past, and is able to verbalize her strength as a result of making healthier choices now.

She shared with me a rock from a previous treatment center that she carries as a powerful reminder: a rock is smoothed and shaped by it's environment. Despite the immense effect that life events can have on us, one can choose to recognize that at the core there is immense strength; one can work to be changed for the better as a result of such events. 

I have complete faith this courageous lady will flourish at her small liberal arts college and will make healthy connections. She has been a remarkable example of how cultivating self-compassion results in transformation, and is why self-compassion absolutely matters.I am privileged to do what I do.


I want to spread the word and help others cultivate self-compassion to enhance their relationships with themselves and others. I would love for you to invest in yourself a workshop co-hosted with my friend, colleague, and yoga therapist, Dorsey Standish, 

Self-Compassion for Women Workshop

September 17th from 1 - 3 pm

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Grab a friend and show yourselves some love with guided mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga poses, essential oil therapy, compassionate journaling, and group connection practices.

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